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When we find our place

What quote am I vibing? "There is more to be seen than can ever be seen. More to do than can ever be done." Tim Rice

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 11

Audiobooks finished: 2 (A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson)

Three days of tomato sandwiches, Middleswarth chips, and Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea was enough to keep me going for a little while, so I've transitioned to NJ for a few days.

I finally got to meet my handsome little friend Joseph!! There isn't a baby on Earth who I have anticipated and hoped for more, and he is just as beautiful and pleasant as can be.

It was wonderful to spend time catching up with Lauren on all things life and chatting with Joe about our mutual affection for TR and history. There's never enough time with the people we love when we live so far away. But, there's always next time. Always next time.

Tomorrow, my car will be getting a little love because I accidentally ripped the front bumper off trying to drive through a bush in the driveway in Outer Banks. (Did I forget to tell you that? Probably because it's embarrassing to rip your bumper off in the first week of a 10 week road trip.) Katie and I managed to get it back where it ought to be pretty securely, but better to get it some professional help.

Only one picture today, because that's all you need when that picture is of a perfect little baby.

Joseph Douglas. Cutie. Pie.

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